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We have seen how school partnerships can enrich the quality of learning that takes place and how hard teachers and school leaders work in both countries to improve the quality of education for the young people they work with.

Jointly with our Sister Organisation in Scotland, The Scotland Malawi Partnership we support schools with links to Scotland in the following areas:

  • Tailor-made workshops/presentations in school on themes like partnership and Scotland
  • Advice on brokering, developing, and maintaining an international school partnership between Malawi and Scotland
  • Signposting to useful resources, events, and organisations
  • Supporting schools to hold events or sessions in school celebrating their link to Scotland
  • Holding events and forums to bring experts, learners and teachers together to discuss their experiences of school partnerships and using Malawi as a theme in the classroom. This includes our Schools Forum held at different locations in the three Regions.

If you’re interested in starting a school partnership with a Scottish school, we can work with our colleagues at SMP in Scotland to find you a suitable partner school depending on the available schools in Scotland looking for partner schools in Malawi. We can then help to broker and support the partnership.

The benefits of school partnerships go far beyond individual teachers and students, they allow school communities in both Malawi and Scotland to learn from and understand other cultures better and feel connected in our global society. The joint learning which has taken place through school-partnerships includes enterprise projects, global curriculum activities and reciprocal visits between schools. 

The Partnership Principles are a great place to start when considering a partnership with planning, what to consider, and important aspects to keep in mind.

School to School Partnerships

Below are some of the existing School to School partnerships that we have supported or we are still supporting together with SMP:

1. Bandawe School in Malawi and Alloway Primary School in Scotland

2. Karonga Girls secondary school in Malawi and Alva Academy in Scotland

3. Chigamula CCAP School in Malawi and Anstruther Primary School in Scotland

4. Chikhwawa RC School in Malawi and Auchtermuchty Primary School

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