We were excited to successfully launch 2 competitions, host 3 webinars and an art exhibition as part of the MaSP Youth Festival 2021. The Youth Festival took place virtually over a period of 3 days from the 14th to the 16th of September 2021. The Youth Festival aimed to engage the youth on a number of topics such as climate change, corruption and fire fighting. With competitions also aiming to test the young people’s knowledge on COP26 and their ability to learn and appreciate both Malawian and Scottish Culture.


Youth and the Fight against Corruption

This webinar took place on the 14th and focused on how the youth can help keep government accountable and contribute to the fight against corruption. It had presentations from Mr Chisazo the Civil Gorvanance strand lead and Mr Salijeni from Chance for Change.

You can watch it here

Climate Change Innovation and Youth Unemployment

This took place on the 2nd day of the festival and aimed to help the youth discover the opportunities that can be found in climate innovations. Especially, as a solution to the high unemployment rate among Malawi’s youth. Msayiwale Mwale gave a presentation on the use of waste in briquette making as an entrepreneurship Venture. The first part of the Webinar consisted of a presentation from the Anti Corruption Bureau, who had failed to present on the Webinar due to other issues.

You can watch it here

Youth and Firefighting

This was the final event of the festival and aimed at teaching the youth how to prevent and deal with fire outbreaks as Malawi has seen severe loss of property over the past 2 years due to raging fires. This Webinar had presentations from Chimwemwe Mndelamani from Blantyre City Council,Mr. Mandala from Mzuzu city council and Brendan Crombie from Scotland.

You can watch it here

Cultural Exhibition

The youth festival had the sharing, promotion and exchange of Malawian and Scottish culture as one its main goals. And one of the ways this was achieved was by the hosting of the cultural exhibition of Malawian dance that took place virtually from Mzuzu.The exhibition included perfomances of popular Malawian traditional dances such as Ingoma, Malipenga and Beni.

You can watch it here


Writing Competition (Scotland and Malawi)

The writing competition was launched as one way of engaging Scottish and Malawian youth on COP26.

To enter:-Write a one paged essay on:

-How much you know about COP26.

-What issues do you want this years COP26 to address?-Do you feel young people are well presented at COPs ?

Send the Essay to: mkachusa@malawiscotlandpartnership.org

The competition runs up until 29th October 2021

Singing Competitions

These aim to encourage the learning and appreciation of the wonderful and diverse cultures of Scotland and Malawi

Sing the Malawian National Anthem (Scotland Youth Only)

To Enter:

Record a 30 second video of yourself singing the Malawi National Anthem in Chichewa.

Watch the video tutorial below

Tag or send Video to Scotland Malawi Partnership or Malawi Scotland Partnership.

Exciting prizes to be won!

Sing the Scottish Unofficial Anthem

Sing the Scottish unofficial national anthem and stand a chance to win amazing prizes

To Enter:Record a 30s video of you singing the Scottish Anthem below

Tag or send Video to Scotland Malawi Partnership or Malawi Scotland Partnership.

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