Malawi Scotland Partnership Youth Leaders Climate Change Project

Empowering young people to take action on climate change

Together with the 2050 Climate Group in Scotland we are implementing a project on youth engagement in climate action called the Young Leaders’ Climate Change Project, now in its second year. The aim of the project is to equip young Malawians with opportunities to increase their knowledge on climate change challenges and solutions. It also empowers them to be confident, capable leaders who are prepared to take action, influence (local) policy makers and create long-lasting change towards a sustainable future for Malawi.

The project is looking to recruit 40 young people to be engaged as volunteer Climate Change Young Leaders. The Young Leaders will undergo training and be challenged to propel a movement on climate change issues within their communities and beyond. They will also be linked to the National Youth Network on Climate Change and will be co-supervised by MaSP and the National Youth Council of Malawi.

To apply follow the steps below. Please dont send your applications to, Only applications sent through the email address provided in the steps below will be considered.

  1. Are you aged between 18 and 35?
  2. Are you passionate about the environment, do you understand the challenges around climate change and want to be involved in a climate action project?
  3. Have you ever launched, contributed to, or taken the lead in climate change initiatives or can you show involvement in climate change action or environmental sustainability in another way?
  4. Are you ready to undergo an intensive transformation and leadership journey in climate action?
  5. Are you excited about shaping a long-term plan on tackling climate change and developing the leadership skills and moral imagination to make it happen?
About Climate Change Young Leaders
  1. Come from diverse cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds
  2. Are passionate about  tackling climate change issues in their community through their work or personal life
  3. Are working as an individual or part of a team/organization
  4. Are  able to articulate issues eloquently and have functional spoken and written competency in the English language
  5. Are individuals with clear commitment, passion and drive for climate change action, even if they currently are not engaged in climate change initiatives.
  6. Females, people from minority backgrounds and rural areas are strongly encouraged to apply.
Application Process
  1. Download an application form HERE!
  2. Record a short video of yourself (less  than 3 minutes) presenting your name, previous experiences and why you think you should be a Climate Change Young Leader.. Feel free to use Chichewa or English.
  3. Send your completed application form and your video to or via WhatsApp to +265 (0) 888 752 588 and +265 (0) 881 862 033 by 1st October, 2019 at 5pm.
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