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MaSP organized an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20th July 2018 at Kamuzu College of Nursing in Lilongwe. The AGM is a gathering of members aimed at supporting their active networking, promoting the links between Malawi and Scotland, advancing MaSP’s reputation as a fun, engaging and dynamic network as well as advancing our messaging around the promotion of dignified partnerships.

This year’s AGM was held under the theme: ‘Working Partnerships’ and this was the first gathering of members after the signing of the New Cooperation Agreement between Malawi and Scotland on 23rd April 2018 by the President of Malawi and the First Minister of Scotland.
During the core business of the AGM, a motion was moved to introduce membership fees for members as follows:

Individual members: MK5000 per person per annum
Schools and churches: MK5,000 per school/church per annum
Local Organizations: MK12,000 per organization per annum
International organizations: MK15,000 per organization annum

However, members decided to revise the fees for the local organization and the international organizations as follows:

Local organizations: MK15,000 per organization per annum
International organizations: MK50,000 per organization per annum

The fees will be used to build the capacity of members across the country and encourage networking among. Please also note that the fees shall be managed using MaSP’s current financial management systems with the highest order of accountability and transparency and members will have a chance to look at the figures at each AGM.

The membership fees must be deposited in the following account:
Account name: Malawi Scotland Partnership
Account number: 9100000508087
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Capital City
For further clarity email vera@malawiscotlandpartnership.org

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