Get ready to witness the power of innovation as Bizcubation, the flagship program of Mzuzu E-Hub, brings new and groundbreaking business ideas to life!

Established in 2019, Bizcubation is a platform that supports youth-led emerging enterprises. It’s all about turning innovative concepts into successful ventures!

The Bizcubation program offers a range of invaluable benefits to portfolio enterprises. From refining the best business model and market strategy to measuring social impact, developing investor proposals, and building a strong network of contacts.

Bizcubation has already graduated an impressive total of 345 emerging entrepreneurs, who have been divided into 8 cohorts. What’s even more remarkable is that 46.5% of these participants are incredible female entrepreneurs!

The program runs for a duration of 6 months, during which aspiring entrepreneurs receive comprehensive support, guidance, and resources to turn their visions into reality. It’s a journey of growth, learning, and boundless possibilities.

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