Malawi has been hit hard by Cyclone Freddy, causing severe damage to the country’s infrastructure and displacement of thousands of people. In response to this crisis, the Malawi Scotland Partnership, in collaboration with the Scotland Malawi Partnership, is co-hosting the Cyclone Freddy Co-ordination meeting to discuss the current status and response strategies.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 26 April at 11:30 MW time / 10:30 UK time, and will feature speakers from SCIAF, SMP, AMS board members, and potentially the British High Commission in Malawi. The aim of the meeting is to bring together various organizations and stakeholders to share their support strategies and concerns.

We would also like to invite members who have firsthand knowledge of the situation on the ground to share their insights. Your contribution will be invaluable in shaping the response to this crisis and ensuring that those most in need receive the necessary support.

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