Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless thats the denotative meaning of ‘Waste’ Alas! for one Lady Regina Mlambe Waste means Cash.

During this year’s Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) symposium, Regina from our member organization Conservation Arts Malawi demonstrated her initiative of turning wastes to something Productive.

This follows a chance that was given to member organizations at MaSP symposium that took place at Cross roads Hotel this year in Lilongwe allowing them to exhibit their products and services.

Her artistic products include wall hangings, flower vases, artificial shrubs and jewelry.

Regina a French teacher at Likuni Secondary School is s no ordinary Lady as she is utilizing her passion for clean environment to contribute to waste management at the same time to earning a living from her work of art.

According to Regina she has plans to transfer her art to young people to expand her vision.

“My artistic talent can be transferred to youths, fellow women, even to people living with disability. I can challenge that with support my artwork can even find market outside Malawi. said Regina.

She adds: ” My message that comes with my art is that Plastic bottle waste is luck of imagination and Waste is not Worst but luck of creativity”

Meanwhile Regina calls for well-wishers to support her initiative.

NB: Regina talks about her art in this video

Beautiful Art from plastic bottles.
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