MYO is implementing a pilot of a project which is aiming at keeping girls at school in Traditional Authority Kapeni, Kuntaja and Machinjiri in Blantyre by providing them with school neccesities (like Exercise book, pains, school uniforms, school shoes and school bags),  motivation or career talks and education visits. The project which started last year is targeting 1000 girls by 2023, but as of now , it only has 26 students, of which three of them are boys. 

In his remarks, Executive director for the Organization,. Mr Lawrence Kumpama, said , most communities in Malawi do not value girls most in as far as education is concerned, girls are seen and treated as second- class citizens who can not achieve anything in life other than getting married and have children. And in poor communities girls find it difficult to take there studies serious due to lack of resources and other basic needs.

So upon coming across these challenges, and other financial problems which some families in poor communities face,  ” *keep a girl child at school*” project came in as a rescue, with the aim of making more girls love schooland focus on their education and be independent ladies in future. It was observed that, if most girls are equipped with school neccesities and motivation talks, early pregnancies and marriages will be a history hence More educated ladies in our Country.

It is with this regard that our Organization is implementing this project. The project is focusing much on girls, whose families can not afford to buy them school neccesities and other basic needs. Kumpama added.
And as an organization we are really trying because the project has no funds (donors) we depend much on well wishers and our pockets. Kumpama concluded.

Representing the three schools in which the project is implemented , the Headteacher of Chigodi primary school,. Mr Felix Maleka, recommend the development, in the sense that , it encourage the girls to focus much on their education and work hard in school. And later called upon well wishers and other Organizations to help Mzati in the continuation of the project or  do what mzatha is doing.

In her remarks,  senior chief  Kapeni expressed gratitude towards the on going development and requested Organization to continue supporting the girl and also to introduce girl guide clubs  in rural primary and secondary Schools.
Mzati youth Organization operates from Lunzu Parish permisses, but it’s project is being implemented in area different rural areas of senior chief Kapeni, Traditional Authority Kuntaja and Machinjiri in Blantyre district.

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