We are excited to invite all our members to take part in a number of activities that will make up the MaSP Youth Festival next week. The Youth Festival will take place virtually over a period of 3 days from the 14th to the 16th of September 2021. The Youth Festival seeks to engage the youth on a number of topics such as climate change, corruption and fire fighting.  Also Part of the Festival will be Competitions and Cultural Exchange Exhibitions.

 Activity Details

Writing Competition.

Participants in Scotland/Malawi to write one paged Essay on COP 26, what climate change issues their communities are facing and  what they would want addressed at COP.

To be launched on 1st Day of Festival 14th September- 9th October

Prizes to be won

Singing Competition

Contestants in Scotland to record a video singing the Malawian National anthem while Malawi Contestants sing Scottish cultural song.

To be lauched on 2nd Day of Festival 16th September -9 october


Youth role in Corruption fight

Is there a role for the youth in keeping the government accountable and taking part in the fight against corruption?

Panel: ACB, Strand lead, Chance for change

14 September 2021 10-11am

Climate Change Innovation and Youth Employment

Youth unemployment is undoubtedly a major issue and so is Climate change. However, can the two problems be used to offer solutions instead? Are there climate change innovations that can offer employment to the youth? How can we scale them up?

Panelists: Brenda Mwale,Musayiwale Mwale, Henry Ngwira

15 September 10-11am

Youth and Fire fighting

Fires in Malawi are costing the country millions in property loss. Malawi’s Fire fighting brigades are however limited and do not offer much help against the Infernos. Could fire fighting skills to the youth prove to an effective solution?

Panel: Mzuzu City Fire Dept.BT City Fire Dept.Scotland Fire Dept

16 September

Art and Cultural Exhibitions/Challenge

A 30-60 minutes showcase of Malawian and Scottish Culture and Art by Schools in the Partnership

Central Region 14 September

Southern Region 15 September

Northern Region 16 September

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