Our Climate Change Young Leaders Project jointly hosted an event with our Partners 2050 Climate Group on 6 May 2021. The event was themed Climate Networks for the future: Let’s Get Trashed, with the aim for a discussion between young leaders in Malawi and our partners in Scotland on the waste management situation in both countries.

The event was kicked off with Development Manager for ChangeworksRecy Christine Colquhoun who gave a presentation titled the Time to Act is now! The presentation gave an overview on Waste Management and Recycling in Scotland. She narrated how the the world is consuming 100 Billion Tonnes of Materials and world has warmed up by up to 1 degree in the last decade. She proposes that the solution to this problem is to see waste as product which she calls a “circular economy” and waste is a resource, which is something to be used not discarded.
Christine’s presentation was followed by a presentation from our MaSP Youth Ambassador Edward Msiska who is also our climate change young leader. He started with a narration of waste management situation in Malawi including the current policies which have banned thin plastics use. He however lamented the lack of implementation of the policies by the Malawi Government and the lack of corporation in climate change Innovation.
The event was concluded with a Q&A section with views on waste management recorded from both the Malawi and Scottish sides.

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