We were honoured to join the SMP as they hosted Fiona Ritchie, Malawi Development Director for FCDO. The meeting aimed at knowledge sharing, on FCDO’s wider strategy, opportunities and priorities in Malawi. With Fiona also getting to learn on the work that the SMP, MaSP and members of the two networks are doing.
The meeting had over 60 participants from both Scotland and Malawi. Following initial introductions, SMP and MaSP offered a summary of their current priorities with Presentation’s from the Executive Officers of both organizations. These were followed by 12 case studies from organizations working in various fields including faith links, education, health and Business.
In her address Fiona Ritchie spoke of the opportunity that has been given by a Malawi Government that is willing to walk the talk as seen in COVID-funds saga, however she noted that following the huge spike in COVID cases experienced in January there is a looming health and economic challenge. She also hinted on FCDO interest in working with the GOM and development partners to drive Economic Growth and support Agricultural Diversification.

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