Our Youth ambassadors have launched a school outreach programme designed to equip rural-based public schools with materials and correct information about Covid-19 so that they can prevent the spread of the pandemic.

To mark the launch, the Youth ambassadors, handed over 550 masks, buckets and hand wash soap to Mtemambalame Full Primary School in the outskirts of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The ambassadors also delivered motivational talk to Standards 7 and 8 pupils, encouraging and inspiring them to work hard in their studies in order to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

MaSP Youth Ambassador Edward Chidombe Msiska emphasized the need for the students to have self-confidence and believe in themselves and never to lose hope because they come from underprivileged schools.“Even your family background should not limit your vision,” he said.

Teachers at Mtemambalame Full Primary School commended the partnership for the donation. They said Mtemambalame is one of the most sidelined schools in Lilongwe when it comes to delivery of support of any kind.

Currently we have continued to donate more supplies to nine schools. The donations have been distributed as follows: two schools in the Northern Region, four schools in the Central Region and three in the Southern Region.

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