Save the Poor Foundation (SAPOF) is implementing a project in Blantyre District with an aim of encouraging girls who dropped out of school to get readmited.

SAPOF is an organization that works to provide basic education, vocational education and trainings to disadvantaged adolescents (orphans) and youths in order to empower them.

Keeping Girls in School for More Educated Girls (KEEP4MEG) is the name of the project, and it is being implemented at Mpapa primary school where they are targeting girls who dropped out of school because of early pregnancies and early marriages mainly due to closure of schools because of covid-19.

According to the Executive Director of SAPOF Alice Chiwaya, most of the girls at Mpapa Primary School did not return to school because of pregnancies while some have married.

“In December 2020 we had a meeting in the area where a task force was created to assist girls not to indulge themselves in bad behaviors that may affect their future negatively,” Chiwaya said. “This task force was established as a way of motivating girls and increasing number of enrollment of girls in schools and it consists of the head teacher, teachers, village headmen and some other people,” Chiwaya added

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