A kind Scottish lady named Bridge Mackay raised money all by herself to build a new primary school in Malawi. The school, called Chispe Primary School, is in Lithipe Dedza and has 1400 students. Bridge Mackay not only funded the school but also visited it recently with volunteers from Scotland.

Their mission was to change an old feeding station into a library for the primary school. In just 10 days, they made the library look amazing and fixed broken windows, floors, and lights in standard 7&8. They even made sure the lights work well with solar panels.

During the visit, all standard 1 children got new school uniforms, shoes, and mosquito nets. They also organized an event where over 2000 people came to listen to speakers, enjoy live music, and have lunch together. The volunteers gave out sports equipment like netball bibs and also provided recyclable sanitary products to those who needed them, including 15 girls in Secondary school. The school even got a Life Straws filtration system with 4 taps, so the kids can have filtered water every day.

The McDougall Library officially opened before the team left Malawi and is now in the hands of its new librarian, Jason, who is also a teache at the school.

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