All are welcome to join this open and inclusive event, which will discuss key considerations in tree-planting projects in Malawi and in approaching investment in commercial forestry there. Chaired by Professor Iain Woodhouse and sharing the report and findings on this topic of Dr Henry Kadzuwa, there will be expert insights into a forestry approach which does no harm, seeks to benefit local-communities, is climate-friendly, fits within Malawi’s national plans and continental commitments and offers return on investment.

In an engaging and accessible presentation, Dr Kadzuwa will share an overview of the:

1. Current state of Malawi’s forest industry

2. Legal and regulatory policy framework supporting commercial forestry in Malawi, and to what extent?

3. Current socio-economic/cultural and environmental benefits and considerations associated with the management of commercial forestry in Malawi.

4. Prospects, forces/risks/impacts of running commercial forestry in Malawi.

This will be a great opportunity to be informed about the development of this sector and an enabling platform in which to share ideas and network.

Location: Edinburgh City Chambers and on Zoom. Register

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