FOHOP, a non-profit organization in Karonga, has taken a step forward in empowering vulnerable women from Group Village Headman Msomba. These women, who have school-going children sponsored by FOHOP with school fees, have been economically empowered through the provision of live chickens.

The objective of the project activity was to equip women with entrepreneurship skills such as business and livestock keeping, specifically chicken rearing. By raising the live chickens and passing on the young ones to other women in need, these women can improve their household incomes through production and sales. This will enable them to support their families and send their girl children to school with basic learning materials, reducing cases of absenteeism and dropout due to lack of such learning materials.

A group of 10 beneficiaries from the communities of Group Village Head Msomba, T/A Kilupira, received 13 live chickens in a session that involved key stakeholders such as the Head teacher from Lufilya Community Day Secondary School, Area Development Committee chairperson, School Patron chairperson, and the Community Based Organization (CBO) chairperson. The beneficiaries were oriented on how to collaborate to ensure increased livestock production, including how to keep their live chickens healthy and well-fed with locally available feeds.

FOHOP’s initiative is a significant step towards empowering vulnerable women in Karonga, providing them with the resources and knowledge to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

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