The partnership between Malawi and Scotland has continued to thrive over the past 160 years. Recently, the Vice Chancellor of Dundee University, Prof. Iain Gillespie, visited Malawi and held meetings with public universities to concretize the Blantyre Declaration of 2022. The Declaration focuses on developing research and providing technical assistance in various areas of development, and it is a significant milestone in the partnership between Dundee University and Malawi.

During his visit, Prof. Gillespie engaged with officials from the Ministry of Mining at the Malawi Scotland Partnership premises, along with Academic lead for Africa from Dundee University, Prof. Peter McEleavy. The meeting explored collaboration in contract negotiations, which is crucial for sustainable mining deals since Malawi is still in its infancy in the mining industry.

The Blantyre Declaration represents a commitment from both parties to achieving sustainable development goals in Malawi. With this partnership, Dundee University is set to play a crucial role in supporting the growth of the country’s economy through research and technical assistance.

This partnership is a testament to the strong bond between Malawi and Scotland, and it serves as an example of how international collaborations can lead to impactful development in communities around the world.

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