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According to Department of Disaster Management Affairs, as of 22nd March 2023, the number of displaced people is at 562,415 with 576 camps set to accommodate the displaced. The death toll is at 511 with 1,332 injuries. The number of reported missing persons is at 533 from 537, with four bodies of missing persons recovered.


Cyclone Freddy wreaked havoc in Malawi, causing widespread destruction and claiming many lives. The cyclone made landfall on March 15, 2021, with winds of up to 170 km/h, causing massive flooding and landslides.

The southern region of Malawi was the hardest hit, with many homes and buildings destroyed, leaving thousands of people homeless. The cyclone caused extensive damage to infrastructure, including roads and bridges, making it difficult for aid to reach those in need.

The government of Malawi declared a state of emergency, and the international community rallied to provide assistance. The United Nations and other organizations provided emergency supplies such as food, water, and medical aid. The Malawi government also set up temporary shelters for those affected by the cyclone.

However, the road to recovery is long and challenging. The Malawi government estimates that over 900,000 people have been affected by the cyclone, with many still in need of assistance. The cyclone has also worsened an already dire food crisis in Malawi, with many crops destroyed by the flooding.

The aftermath of Cyclone Freddy highlights the urgent need for countries to prepare for natural disasters. Climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather events, and countries must invest in disaster preparedness to minimize the impact of such events.

In addition, the international community must continue to support countries affected by natural disasters, providing both short-term and long-term assistance to help them recover.

Cyclone Freddy may have passed, but the effects will be felt in Malawi for years to come. It is up to us to support those affected and work towards building a more resilient world.


Malawi Scotland Partnership is requesting all our members, partners and well-wishers to contribute funds, food, clothes, cooking utensils and any other donation towards people affected by Cyclone Freddy. This is following a joint recommendation made during our Cyclone Freddy Updates Emergency Meeting held on the 15th of March.

The items can be donated directly to our offices

MaSP Secretariat (Central)

Location: Lilongwe Area 14 Scripture Union House.

Phone: 0999 47 90 42  

MaSP Southern Region CRC

Location: Blantyre, Phekani House

Phone: 0881 52 24 88

MaSP Northern Region CRC

Location: Mzuzu, William Koyi, Guest House.

Phone: 0991 97 22 51

Donations in cash to be deposited to the following account:

Name of Account: Malawi Scotland Partnership

Account Number: 9100000508087

Bank: Standard bank

 Branch: Capital City

Official Sources

Updated Press Release from the Malawi Government on Twitter

Current Tropical Cyclone location – World Meteorological Organisation Situation Report produced by the Malawi Department of Disaster Management Affairs from 13th March

Press Release from the Office of the President and Cabinet – Department of Disaster Management Affairs dates 14th March

Press Release – “His Excellency, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi has directed that the nation observes a 14 day national mourning period from Thursday 16th March to Wednesday 29th March to hon or the lives lost due to Cyclone Freddy”

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