Scottish Mininster for Culture, Europe and International Development, Hon. Neil Gray MSP met MaSP and our sister network the SMP’s members in a roundtable meeting on the 01st June 2022.

The meeting was a chance for members to hear directly from the Minister about his priorities coming to post and to brief the Minister on key areas of activity between Scotland and Malawi.

In the Introduction of the meeting the two CEO’s of MaSP and the SMP, Stella Masangano and David gave an update on the current status of Malawi-Scotland bilateral relationship which has grown to be one of the largest in the UK. Stella thanked the Minister on the much needed support the Scottish Government has rendered to Malawi on the twin disasters of Covid-19 and Storm Ana, and stressed the importance of the expertise and capacity building that members have gained through the partnership.

On his part the Minister appreciated just how deep the roots of the Malawi-Scotland bilateral relationship are and he pledged his support and keenness to amplify the global south voices through the various small grant projects funded by the Scottish Government.

We were also delighted to hear updates from members of the two networks detailing the impact of the small grant projects and various Malawi-Scotland partnered initiatives. One the SMP’s members The Turing Trust has been responsible for having 81% of classrooms in the North of Malawi having access to ICT materials from less than 3% when they first started. While Hundreds of Scottish Children have gotten to experience what it means to be a global citizen through trips to Malawi courtesy of the School Partnerships.

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