In an effort to reduce glass bottle wastes, Climate change leader in Malawi, Edward Msiska has gone an extra mile to make tumblers from the glass wastes. 

According to Edward, his inspiration to start this process came from the internet and he thought it wise to come up with an interesting way of minimizing glass bottle wastes in his home town, Lilongwe.
It is a process which many deemed it as a waste of time and energy alas! With only glass bottles and sisal He can now afford a smile sourced from his time investment.

One tumbler is sold at K400/K500 each while small ones are sold at K250.
Edward has since revealed that he wants to make Glass bottle cutting a business model that can encourage other young people to venture in.

“It’s a cheap but effective way of cutting glass bottles. My vision is to make glass cutting a model business, to myself and other young people. A waste is a resource. You don’t need much capital to start bottle cutting business but by the end of a day, you make,” said Edward.

Meanwhile Edward has managed to sell about 20 tumblers at once making it his first sale since starting his business.

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