It’s a Blissful month for us at Malawi Scotland Partnership says MASP CEO, Stella Masangano

We celebrate the two : Bravely and Talent

Talented Kambalu is celebrated together with  the unforgettable foundation of freedom that John Chilembwe and others set.

John like others who trekked to America would have resorted to remain there.

But he came back to his beloved country, to live with his people and to fight, the then uncalled for norms .

Today, a skilled Professor Kambalu has demonstrated  his skills and outsmarted many other artists who had competed to have their work at Trafalgar Square.

We are thrilled and call upon the current leadership to support such talented work and also harness the already set foundation of freedom.

John Chilembwe’s wishes will only  to be fulfilled if we see a poverty free Malawi where children go to good schools, families put food on the table, among others

Malawi has talent and bravely.

John Chilembwe’s Bravely and Kambalu’s talent come face to face at Trafalgar Square.

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