Terms of References for coordination of SG funded Projects

The Terms of Reference for Government of Malawi Strand Leads, Implementers of Scottish Government Funded Projects, Malawi Scotland Partnership and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Terms of Reference are jointly developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Malawi Strand Lead sand Malawi Scotland Partnership for effective coordination and implementation of all Scottish Government funded projects in Malawi under the Malawi Development Programme.

The TOR aims to provide guidance as to how the named actors will perform during the effective coordination of SG funded projects. Meetings will be held every quarter between Managers of Scottish Government Projects and their Strand Lead every Quarter. The TORs are not limited to the Strand Meetings as the remit of actors can fall outside Strand Meetings. It is this, background that the TOR for the coordination of this interaction between the named actors has been developed.

Under the Malawi Development Programme, the Scottish Government funds under the following strands

  •  Civil Society and Governance
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health

And the strand meetings will reflect this structure.

 Guiding Principles

  1. All engagement will be consistent with current government priorities and existing policies and activity
  2. Engagement will build upon the context of the long standing friendship between Malawi and Scotland, recognizing the benefits of learning and sharing from one another (Extracted from the cooperation agreement

The Strand Group meetings will:

  1.  Work with all actors operating under their strand and are currently being funded by the Scottish Government under the Malawi Development Fund.
  2. Encourage all members to share the success, challenges, lessons leant and the impact of their work.
  3. Support partnership processes between agencies and donors and enhance coordination with other actors
  4. All project implementers to disseminate reports to other implementers during the Strand Meetings and other relevant stakeholders thereby informing programmatic action and avoiding duplication of efforts.
  5. Liaise closely with other strands to ensure inter linkages between the strands are captured and where there are opportunities for collaboration and challenges, these are explored
  6. Work with Malawi Scotland partnership to inform the Advocacy Programme from issues identified from strand meetings
  7. Attended by relevant persons who are able to contribute to the outcomes of the meetings
  8. Have and agenda, reading material and minutes for the meeting a week before the meetings – to ensure meetings run efficiently.All members are asked to read all relevant material before the meeting.

Role of the Strand Leader

  1. Provide up to date contact information to all those implementing and relevant stakeholders.
  2. Be the linkage between projects and the government of Malawi – provide guidance to ensure projects are In line with relevant strand specific strategic positions
  3. Provide Technical guidance for proposals by agencies applying for funding from the Scottish Government
  4. Attend all relevant meetings relating to your duty as a strand leader and only in exceptional cases delegate
  5. Highlight areas of concern with key stakeholders as collated from reports by implementers
  6. Liaise with Project implementers to select the case studies for the symposium.
  7. Summon implementers of projects in cases where there are concerns  with implementation of projects
  8. Submit a Technical consolidated report to Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. Work with Malawi Scotland Partnership

Role of the SG funded project manager

  1. Attend Strand Meetings
  2. Submit Reports to the strand leads on project activities once every quarter.
  3. Liaise with strand lead on funding proposals to the Scottish Government

Role of Malawi Scotland Partnership

  1. Undertake Secretarial duties in order to facilitate the Strand meetings
  2. Send out the agenda, agreed minutes and reading material a week before the meeting is due to take place
  3. Work with each of the strand lead to ensure adherence to their agreed role
  4. Work with Strand leads in the facilitation of national meetings for all SG funded implementing partners

Role of Foreign Affairs

  1. Advising and guiding MASP, Project Implementers and other relevant stakeholders on issues of Malawi Government policies, including Foreign Policy, that affect implementation of activities
  2. Cultivate, harness and strengthen areas of social, economic, political, and technical cooperation within the context of Malawi Scotland Partnership and Strands
  3. Facilitate exploitation of opportunities in trade, tourism, and investment and other forms of economic co-operation within the relationship of Malawi and Scotland and strands
  4. Facilitate and participate in negotiations between Malawi and the Scottish Government for the betterment of MASP, strands and the people of Malawi;
  5. Following-up on initiatives and enquiries that arise from the relationship among Scotland, the Malawi Government and MASP
  6. Facilitate establishment and holding of meetings that guide the advancement co-operation among the Malawi Government (Strand Leads), Scotland, and MASP.
  7. Facilitate the preparation of briefs and materials, in liaison with MASP and Strand Leads prior to major meetings, visits and other events
  8. Facilitating logistical arrangements, including protocol and security for high profile visits in the context of Malawi Scotland partnership

Composition and meeting schedules

  1. The Strand meetings will consist of all those currently receiving funding from the Scottish Government under the Malawi Development Programme.
  2. The meetings will be chaired by the Strand Lead as the chair and a secretary will be selected from the members.
  3. The lead agency within the government is Ministry of Foreign affairs and they will provide the Governments position on matter arising.
  4. Meetings will be held once a quarter and each meeting will last half a day.
  5. No more than one strand meeting will be held at a given time to ensure that those agencies that operate cross the strands are able to attend all relevant meetings.
  6. Meeting will be held at a venue decided by the strand lead in collaboration with Malawi Scotland Partnership

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