Scottish Government Announcement

“The Scottish Government has notified updated timings for its upcoming Malawi 2018+ funding round:

• The SG funding round for Malawi 2018-23 will open in October 2017 (rather than the “usual” August), with projects then running from October 2018 till up to March 2023; and

• To cover the “gap” between March 2018, when current Malawi projects are scheduled to finish, and October 2018 when the new Malawi projects will start – the SG has indicated it will be offering current Malawi 2015-18 grant holders an extension of up to 6 months, from April 2018.

The SG funding rounds information has been updated on their website here:

The SG ID Team has set out the background to this: that, as you will be aware, over the last 18 months, the SG ID programme has been transitioning between funding rounds from its pre and post-Strategy arrangements, which has meant extending older projects and different timings than previously for new funding rounds:

• in the run up to the new Strategy, the SG extended its SubSaharan and South Asia projects for a year to March 2018; for Malawi, the 2015-18 projects continued to run;

• post-Strategy, SG ID will now have 3 competitive funding rounds – for projects in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.

• SG ID therefore opened new Zambia and Rwanda funding rounds very quickly (in March 2017) after its Strategy was published to ensure that projects started in those countries in 2018 – for this year, for practicality reasons, Zambia and Rwanda were run as a joint funding round, opening in March and with applicants due to be notified w/c 7 August.

• SG ID next funding round will now be for Malawi 2018+, to open in October 2017, and for projects to start from October 2018 and run until March 2023 at the latest. The funding round will follow the same format as the Zambia/Rwanda one, ie a two stage process (concept note and full application).