Northern Region Interaction Meeting

Over 35 people within our membership attended our Northern Region Interaction meeting which was organised with an aim of networking, sharing, learning and sharing experience.

We shared information and provided guidance/advice about the Scottish Government Malawi Development Programme funding call as well as had presentations on experience in application procedures and implementation from previous and current funded projects.

Download some of the presentations during the meeting below:

  1. Centre for Youth and Development, Improving access to ICT in Secondary Schools in Malawi project which is being implemented in partnership with The Turing Trust and Inspire Young Farmers Project in partnership with Malawi Fruits. CYD presentation
  2. Centre for Youth and Development experience in applying for Scottish Government funding and implementing Scottish Government  funded projects.Scottish Government funding
  3. Partnership Principles, Eligibility Criteria of the Scottish Government Malawi Development Programme call and a presentation from the Scottish Government which was presented at Scotland Malawi Partnership Information Session
  4. Partnership Principles
  5. SG Malawi-Info-Day-Presentation-29-November-2017
  6. Corra Foundation Malawi-Info-Day-Presentation-29-November-2017

We also had elections for the Cluster Committee following the expiry of the previous team.

The following were elected into the Regional Cluster Committee:

1. Cluster Chair: James Gondwe (Centre for Youth and Development which is in partnership with the Turing Trust, Malawi Fruits and Malaptop)
2. Secretary: Happy Mhango (CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, Church and Society which is in partnership with Church of Scotland)
3. Treasurer: Mercy Moyo Siband (Mamie Martin Fund)

Regional Strand Representatives:
1. Education: Davie Nkhonjera (Cheney Trust)
2. Health: Nie Wongani Nyirenda (St Johns College of Nursing and Midwifery)
3. Sustainable Economic Development: Thomas Mpumulo (Youth for Change and Development)
4. Civic Society and Governance: Sam Sambo (God Cares)

We say congratulations to the new team.