The Malawi Scotland Partnership was born from Strathclyde University’s ‘Malawi Millennium Project’ in early 2004, in response to the belief that there was a need to bring together under a single umbrella the many organizations and individuals throughout Scotland engaged in fostering and developing links between Scotland and Malawi.

Early events included a ‘Shaping the Partnership’ consultative conference at Strathclyde University and a health workshop. In November 2005, the SMP hosted the ‘Malawi after Gleneagles: A Commission for Africa Case-Study’ conference at the Scottish Parliament. Attended by over 250 delegates, this conference was widely acclaimed to be a resounding success. During the Conference the historic Cooperation Agreement between Scotland and Malawi was signed.

The Malawi-Scotland Partnership exists within the bigger framework of inter-governmental partnership established between Malawi Government and Scottish government in 2005. This necessitated the establishment of the Scotland Malawi Partnership our sister organisation in Edinburgh to mobilise Scottish Organisations to support the established partnership. An imbalance in the relationship became imminent when the SMP was able to represent and coordinate Scots who engaged with Malawi annually for various Socio-Economic Development programmes, yet in Malawi there was no such type institution to mobilise the masses in Malawi to  promote development linkages with Scotland. It is under this backdrop that Malawi Scotland Partnership came into being. The organisation was initially registered with the Government of Malawi on 4th May, 2006 under the Company Act No 19 of 1984 as a private company.

Between October 2009 and January 2010 the Scottish Government funded Civil Society Research Exercise was conducted.  The purpose of the exercise was to look at how the Scottish Government could best support civil society in Malawi.  With 250 Malawian organisations and key individuals feeding in, the research found that there was a very strong appetite in Malawi for greater support and coordination of the civil society links with Scotland.