Position: Project Coordinator (Malawi Climate Leaders)

Job Purpose:

The Project Coordinator will be the lead in managing a new project delivered in partnership by the Malawi Scotland Partnership(MaSP) and the 2050 Climate Group, Malawi Climate Leaders: A Project on Young People and Climate Change.

The overall purpose of the project and its long term goal is to nurture young people (aged 18-35) to be leaders on climate change action in Malawi.

This overall goal is supported by four key core values: Young people, as leaders of the future, should be given the knowledge, tools, and authority to create a future they want to see for themselves; Dealing with climate change, as a generation-defining challenge for this generations and those to come, should be a priority for all; Young people are an essential stakeholder in dealing with climate change, and therefore the project endeavors to be focused on young people, run by young people and for young people; The pursuit of climate justice in Malawi, in Scotland, and across the globe.

The Project Coordinator will oversee day-to-day operations of the project and be responsible, along with MaSP and the 2050 Climate Group for meeting the outcomes and deliverables. The coordinator will be an employee of MaSP whose sole responsibility is to deliver this pilot project. They will develop exciting new partnerships, engage new audiences and work across cultures to tackle the global issue of climate change.

Download a complete job description here: Project Coordinator Job Description

Submit your application to vera@malawiscotlandpartnership.org by Thursday, 12th July.