Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: To foster mutually beneficial links between Scotland and Malawi and encourage the development of sustainable projects in Malawi.

Purpose: To act as an umbrella organisation for the large number of organisations and individuals with links to Malawi and inspire them to be involved in an informed, coordinated and effective way.

Values: All work done by the Partnership, its staff and Directors, is underpinned by its six core values:

  • Openness and Honesty: With members, and each other, about how to grow an effective partnership organisation
  • Members First: The partnership between the SMP and its members is paramount. By responding to its members. needs the SMP provides a service to enable better development of the wider Scotland-Malawi links.
  • Service: The Partnership recognises that providing valued support to its members (through the provision of information, advice, mutual empowerment, training, lobbying etc) is the way in which it can develop and strengthen its partnership approach.
  • Continuous Improvement: The SMP continuously strives to improve the quality of its service, as perceived by its members, to encourage viable, ethical development activity between SMP members and their Malawian counterparts.
  • Sector Understanding: The Partnership understands the sector(s) in which its members are operating, both in Scotland and Malawi, and responds positively to situations which can advance developmental aspects of the Partnership.
  • Development Staff, Directors and Members are committed to encouraging links between Scotland and Malawi, to reduce poverty, promote justice and relieve suffering in Malawi. To achieve that, all parties have a role to play in managing the development of the SMP and in being supportive of others.