Our Objectives

Specifically, the Malawi Scotland Partnership has three core objectives for the period 2012-15:

(1)        Support the coordination of Malawi’s links with Scotland through…

  • National umbrella organization;
  • Scotland Malawi Partnership –Malawi Scotland Partnership joint working;
  • Database of links with Scotland;
  • Raise awareness of links;
  • Disseminate info, news & resources;
  • Network, share info & experience;
  • Communication and Resource Centres; and
  • MaSP website 

(2)        Contribute to effective advocacy in Malawi

  • Annual conferences;
  • Represent the priorities of Malawian civil society;
  • Discuss and provide feedback on projects;
  • Constructive links with Government of Malawi; and
  • Meetings with Strand Leader.

(3)        Build capacity within the Malawian civil society

  • Supporting the development of best working practice within civil society and NGOs;
  • improving the quality of project delivery in Malawi;
  • Strengthening of CONGOMA;
  • providing practical information and support to facilitate and develop effective partnership working with Scottish civil society;
  • facilitating the development of new, genuinely Malawi-led and Malawi owned initiatives with Scotland ,bringing equity and balance to the bilateral relationship; and
  • supporting the two way sharing of information ,priorities and resources amongst Malawian NGOs, CBO and FBOs engaged with Scotland between Civil Society  and Government of Malawi  and between Malawian and Scottish stakeholders