Malawi Girl Guide Association (MAGGA) recently conducted a One Stop Center/GBV training for key officers from Dowa District Hospital, police VSU, Dowa Magistrate Court, and the Gender and Social Welfare Offices. These dedicated individuals will be working at the newly renovated One Stop Center in Dowa district, thanks to the generous support from NCA/DCA under the EVAWG project in Dowa; implemented by Malawi Girl Guides Association.

The training focused on GBV, trauma-informed care, and a survivor-centered approach. The goal was to equip the officers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide informed and essential support to survivors of GBV in their community.

The training was a success, and the officers are now well-equipped to provide the support that survivors need. They are committed to creating a safe and compassionate environment where survivors can find the assistance they need.

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