Think Malawi (TM) , a UK based-charity in collaboration with Umodzi Youth Organization (UYO) , a youth-led organisation based in Malawi, facilitated the process for the running of a 9 week online digital programme administered by Otermans Institute(OI).

On behalf of Fountain of Hope Organisation (FOHOP), Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP)- Southern Region Cluster, and Youth Activists Initiative Organization(YAIO), UYO locally coordinated the process of identifying interested participants and allocation of resources such as power generators and funds towards cost of internet access donated by Think Malawi .

The training sessions run for 9 weeks, targeted 50 participants at 3 different locations simultaneously.

Out of the 50 learners who participated in the course only 32 completed the training and were awarded certificates.

Through training sessions which started on 28th April,2022 by Otermans Institute, the learners were imparted with skills on the following topics:

I. Goals

II. CV writing

III. Skills and Effective Communication IV. Self-Awareness and Role Models

V. Presentations

VI. Time Management

VII. Motivation

VIII. Leadership

IX. Organising and Problem Solving

X. Feedback

XI. Critical Thinking

XII. Wellbeing

The lessons learned from these topics tremendously transformed the learners into bright and potential young leaders who are able to apply those skills in their daily lives. Some of the learners described the training as an eye- opener and hope would open new avenues in search of their career. For instance, through CV writing and Effective communication skills , the learners will be able to create their own CVs and undertake job interviews when opportunities arise. Think Malawi in partnership with the Otermans Institute played a great role in coordinating and providing free upskilling of students in Malawi on soft and transferable  skills. The 9 weeks long programme which was provided to under- serve identified learners was facilitated by dedicated professional tutors without charge associated with the service.

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