A little over 2 months ago our members Renew n Able came across Chimwemwe CBCC in Nancholi Blantyre supported by Joshua Orphan and Community Care. This school has an enrollment of over 140 pupils and attendance is hugely dependent on availability of porridge at the school. It was a sad sight to see how the school was struggling like most schools in Malawi with energy for cooking.

When Renew ‘n’ Able visited the school in May, they found a broken down rocket stove that was installed some 12 years ago which left the committed committee of mostly local women with no option but to cook porridge to feed the hungry pupils on a smoky open 3 stone fire using a small pot that was barely enough to prepare porridge for the pupils.

The challenges were obvious and they had to do something.They approached their partners in Scotland International Resources and Recycling Institute to come to the aid of this school.

We are happy to report that on the 11th of July 2022, they had the pleasure of the handing over a newly renovated Kitchen equipped with an Envirofit Institutional fuel saving stove. The Stove uses 80% less firewood compared to the open 3 stone fire and does not produce any smoke at all in the kitchen! The school will now be able to cook porridge for the pupils all year round in the renovated kitchen even during the rainy season and the school will save on money spent buying firewood which will in turn contribute to reducing pressure on our already depleted forests and importantly, the women who volunteer to cook at the school will no longer be exposed to the harmful smoke!! Last but not least, the more than 140 pupils will now come to school in confidence without having to worry about getting hungry as they learn and lay a solid foundation for their future.

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