Malawi Scotland Partnership has this week toured 18 Schools that have Scottish links, in the Northern, Southern and Central Regions with an aim of revamping and strengthening the school partnerships. This comes at a time when the school Partnerships have been facing various challenges that were fueled by the Corona virus pandemic.
The visits also aimed at sourcing their final views on the updated Schools Partnership Guide that will be launched in February.

COVID-19 has greatly affected the partnerships and they have been facing challenges to do with communication and a lack of continuity due to change of staff and other factors.

We discovered that even though communication has been a challenge most of the partnerships have adapted well to using Whatsapp as a means of communication which is easily accessible to schools in the rural areas. Continuity has also been maintained in most of the schools as the Partnership Committees in are still intact.
However poor communication in some schools remains a challenge due inactive partnership committees in the said schools.
In the Northern Region our Coordinator Mtameni Kachusa and team visited  6 Schools   namely Bandawe Primary, Bandawe Girls, Luwinga secondary ,St Peters primary, St Peters Secondary and Katawa Primary School.
While in the South led by our Coordinator Ruth Maluwa the team, visited 6 more schools namely Ngumbe Secondary School,Chigumula Primary School, St Andrews Secondary School,Mpaka Primary School Namadidi community day secondary school and chinduzi primary school.

Finally in the the Central our Programmes Manager Linda Dembo visited Chitowo Primary School, Linthipe Secondary School, Bemvu Primary School and Kabekere Secondary School.

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