Both the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) and its sister organisation in Scotland, the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) are committed to the innovative use of digital technology to engage young people in both our nations in new and meaningful ways.  We are keen to reach both young Malawians and young Scots in this way, so MaSP and the SMP are working together in mutual support and solidarity to this end.  In March, the SMP hosts its annual Youth Festival/Congress: this is principally a Scottish-led endeavour, supported by MaSP, to engage young Scots and Malawians.  Then in September/October, MaSP has its own inspiring Digital Youth Festival, supported by the SMP, with a strong focus especially on engaging young Malawians.   In this way, both nations are able to reach out meaningfully and engage young people, working within our Partnership Principles and stepping up to the challenge from the President of Malawi to inspire the next generation of activists in our bilateral relationship.

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