Congratulations to Wilson Chiwale for being accepted to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). Wilson is a 17-year-old youth from SOS Children’s Villages Malawi-Blantyre Programme. He was admitted into the Family Based Care programme when he was 8 years old when he lost parental care. Wilson scored 13 points during his 2020 Malawi School Certificate of Education. He was at Loyola Jesuit Secondary school in Kasungu. Owing to his outstanding performance, Wilson was one of the students selected by Press Trust for a Bursary. They were responsible for his fees and they will continue to pay for his university tuition.

“Honestly, I work hard to change the perceptions that poor children who have lost parental care cannot achieve big dreams, I am working hard to overcome that stereotype,” said Wilson. Wilson is the third born in a family of five and he lost both parents and two elder siblings at a tender age. “Life was unbearable after losing my parents and we could go on days without food until I was taken under the care of SOS Children’s Villages, this is what motivates me to work,” he expressed.

Wilson cannot wait to start this new exciting journey of his life; he feels like he is a step closer to achieving his dream. He couldn’t contain his excitement. We are excited for Wilson and we wish him all the best as he is beginning the exciting and yet the biggest step in his life.

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