Revolution Human Aid and Transparency Initiative (REHAAT Initiative) has launched a 4-month campaign with the aim of coordinating the mobilization of resources equivalent to US$17,667 to construct a standard classroom block at Bunji Primary School in Nkhata Bay district in northern Malawi. The campaign which has been launched in July 2021 will run up to 30th October 2021.
Bunji is a remote community in northern part of Nkhata Bay district in Malawi. The area is detached from almost all of essential public services including health and education facilities. The bad condition of the road to the area has made the situation even worse. People in the community have taken a step to build a school as shown in the picture which accommodates all 5 classes i.e. Standard 1 to 5. The school is a community initiative which was constructed after the community realized the need to send its children to school despite having no schools any closer. The school is fully supported by the community as there is no government teacher at the school. All teachers are volunteer teachers who are supported by the community.
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Challenges faced by Bunji Primary School were discovered when the Executive Director for REHAAT Initiative, Tizgowere Msiska, visited this remote area for other programs. Upon visiting the area, the Director felt the passion in the people of the area to promote education in their area but their economic status constrained them to go beyond building a school block shown in the picture. Children of Bunji community and surrounding communities deserve access to quality education and conducive learning environment for the community to develop in different areas.
The campaign is targeting both local and international well-wishers. Local well-wishers can support the school through methods that have been put on the organizations Facebook page:

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