Scottish charity ‘500 miles’ recently handed over their prosthetic and orthotic clinic in the north of Malawi to Mzuzu Central Hospital and the Government of Malawi’s Ministry for Health. The programme in central and northern Malawi has been a huge success, it has transformed the lives of almost 10,000 people: giving those who have lost limbs or the use of limbs the chance to have a normal life through prostheses and orthoses.
500 miles have always worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the tertiary care hospitals where they are based. They have had a steadfast commitment to sustainability of effort.
The charity not only physically built two clinics but also trained 11 clinicians to international standards as well as technical staff, and worked together with Mzuzu Central Hospital to develop systems to ensure a smooth handover.
You can read more on their work and sustainability here

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