As charities and aid organisations prepare to respond to a post-pandemic world, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer has commissioned a review of the standards required for donations of medical equipment abroad.

The new working group will be chaired by David Cunningham, chief executive of Kids Operating Room, and is seeking views and opinions from organisations currently donating and receiving medical equipment before proposing a new framework for medical donations in the autumn.

Please note there are two different surveys depending on whether your organisation donates or receives medical equipment. Some respondents will also be asked to attend virtual roundtable discussions and/or one-to-one interviews. If you would like to participate in these, please indicate so in the survey.

Please note that there are 2 surveys – one from scottish based donors and one for receiving countries. So please do pass on to your in-country partners.
Access the survey here: Survey closing date: Friday, 9th July, 8.30am

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