We were excited to host Scottish Fair Trade Forum Development Manager Ross Isdale for a zoom meeting in an aim to figure out ways in which we can increase our member’s access to export opportunities in Scotland. The meeting also aimed at creating rapport between the MaSP Team and Scottish fair Trade Forum.
In his address to the MaSP team, Ross explained about some of the work that the forum is engaged in including the Support of local Fair Trade groups and campaigners through events, grants and information, Promotion Fair Trade businesses in Scotland and Engagement of Fair Trade networks and organisations globally. Ross also gave a detailed explanation of the ten principles of Fair trade and how their forum integrates them in their work.
MaSP CEO Stella Masangano went on to talk about current members that are working in the agro-sector that have potential products for export which include Mzuzu Coffee, Cotton, Honey just to name a few. MaSP will be looking forward to exploring the opportunities brought about by this meeting and promotion of an equal trade partnership between Malawi and Scotland.
We would also like to request all members that are interested in Trade with Scotland to send an email of interest to info@malawiscotlandpartnership.org, or contact your respective Regional Coordinators.

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