Our CEO Stella Masangano, The Project Coordinator for the Climate Change Young Leaders Hendricks Nkhata together with Media teams from different media houses both print and electronic visited Tikayo Organisation in Mwanza to appreciate and document the work being done by the young leaders in the fight against climate change.
According David Samikwa the forests in Mwanza have become bare due to deforestation caused by a lack of alternative energy sources hence their group’s production of Briquettes and Biogas production to bridge the gap.
“The idea to come up with biogas system which is cost effective was arrived at to curb deforestation. Many households depend on firewood and charcoal as their main source of energy for cooking and lighting, using biogas can replace the two. Biogas can be produced from food leftovers, cow dung and other vegetables”.
They are also promoting the culture of using and producing briquettes by training women groups and youth. These groups are producing briquettes as an income generating activity while conserving the environment.

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