Sandi Thandiza (ST) is a not-for-profit making non-governmental organization whose vision is to have the nation that is dedicated to improving the lives of all children by enabling them reach their full potential. Their objective is to promote quality inclusive education by creating pre-eminent supportive learning environments that enhance equal learning opportunities for all children in Malawi.
They are currently offering the following training packages:
• Inclusive Education and its Pedagogy
• Identification of Learners with diverse needs
• Support of learners with diverse needs (Learning, Occupational therapy, Physio-therapy, Psychosocial and Speech and Language therapy support)
• TALULAR Development and Adaptation for Children with diverse needs
• Creation of Networks and Referral Systems for children with disabilities for expert support
You can contact Sandithandiza’s Programs Manager by Phone: +265 888 990 009, +265 999 880 007 or Email:

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