A local organisation in Chikwawa district “Community Forum” Act use Art platforms to discourage people against cutting trees, explaining the consequences of climate change, among many other messages on environmental protection.
A lot of mountains and other areas which used to be green with trees lay bare today. The trees have been lost to charcoal burning for energy “said Joshua Malunga the Executive Director”.

It is rare for youth groups to come out full throttle and work on a production that simply looks at the issue of environmental conservation. “We would like to continue to work with youth groups – the members of Arts have become truly passionate about the issue of conservation and protection of the environment. We want to harness this energy and the impact of the performance, expanding the play to address deforestation more widely and bring it to the whole nation,” Joshua said.

And for all the entertainment that the play offers, Youth Arts has dug deeper to tackle an issue that Malawi has to address with urgent attention and as team sing at the end that if “we are not careful in protecting our environment we will experience floods”.
We are happy that officials from the government particularly forestry department, environment, education and youth who are involved in these corrupt practices, “Joshua said”.

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