We were honored to join the SMP as they hosted Fiona Ritchie, Malawi Development Director for FCDO. The meeting aimed at knowledge sharing, on FCDO’s wider strategy, opportunities and priorities in Malawi. With Fiona also getting to learn on the work that the SMP, MaSP and members of the two networks are doing.

Thanks to all the many SMP and MaSP members that joined our meeting last week with FCDO’s Malawi Development Director, Fiona Ritchie.

  Watch specific sections:

03:09 Address by Fiona Ritchie – Fiona Ritchie, FCDO Development Director

12:53 Summary briefing from the Scotland Malawi Partnership – David Hope-Jones, SMP, Chief Executive

19:39 Summary briefing from the Malawi Scotland Partnership – Stella Masangano, MaSP Chief Executive

Structured Discussions – Fiona Ritchie, FCDO Development Director, with input from members

1:08:22 How best to support and amplify Malawi at COP26

1:15:11 Implications of cut to 0.7% and DFID-FCO merger

1:21:10 How to support closer working between FCDO and SMP  

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