MSP Monica Lennon, who spearheaded the campaign to end period poverty in Scotland, has thrown her weight behind the Scottish charity’s work to bring period dignity to the schools they work with in Malawi.

The Labour MSP said that Classrooms for Malawi do ‘incredible work and I am proud to support them’.

Classrooms for Malawi’s mission is to alleviate poverty through education. They believe that education offers the most sustainable route out of poverty. With the coming of COVID-19, they have started addressing School Health and for them to effectively achieve their objective. They are therefore taking new initiatives as follows:

•          Provision of hand washing materials

•          Construction and repair of toilets Classrooms for Malawi

•          Provision of sanitary pads to girls in Partnership with Wildhearts and Micro Loan Finance.

To Read about all the work Classroms for Malawi are doing in Detail:

 Click Here (PDF Download)

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