Child Protection and Education Support Organization (CHIPESO) is implementing a program of inclusiveness in education, to make sure that students who are physically challenged have access to quality education.

Students who are physically challenged faces a lot of challenges to access education, as some of them have difficulties in moving themselves from their homes to school.

CHIPESO organization is assisting these students to make sure that there is inclusiveness in the education sector that no one should be left behind and making sure that they have access to education.

The organization saw a gap that the students who have difficulties in walking couldn’t go to school because of mobility problems hence introducing the program, to make sure that everyone has access to education as SDG number 4 of education, “that ensures inclusiveness and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities”.

Executive Director for CHIPESO, Chauluka Muwake said that, when these students have gone to the hospital, it would take a long time for them to be assisted and some failing to go to the hospital because of the mobility challenges, so they started the program to be middle men, to make sure that students go to the hospital and that they receive a required treatment.

“We assists the students with transport money so that they go to the hospital and receive the required treatment, as some students fails to go to the hospital due to lack of transport and some because of being left out so we rescue them and send them to the hospital”. Muwake said.

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