Community Forum organization (COFO), embarked on agribusiness project with an aim of empowering subsistence farmers with knowledge in technology farming in order to produce more harvest

COFO is a non-profit organization, that aims at building a community, where all citizens have the opportunity for a high quality of life.

To this background, Founder of COFO Joshua Malunga, said that they are supporting communities by distributing Sugar beans, Okra, Maize, Rape seeds among other various vegetable seeds as a way of eradicating poverty and making sure that families have a daily food for survival.

Malunga said they have distributed these various vegetables to the vulnerable people especially people living with HIV/AIDs, as they noted that they have been really affected with the pandemic of Corona Virus.

“The pandemic has not only affected the social aspect of life but also it has affected the food supply chain in families.”  Malunga said.

“We noted that families need backyard gardens and we are encouraging them to use organic manure and dripping irrigation for bumper harvest, as it will prevent them from overcrowded places like markets.” he said

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