The Malawi Scotland Partnership held a training for climate change young leaders to help boost their knowledge on climate change related topics such as Understanding COP, Biodiversity loss & Climate Change Solutions and Waste management just to mention a few.

 Also on the Agenda was a video shoot of the recently released climate change song titled Nyengo by Singer Joe Kellz that advocates for behaviour change in regards to the changing climate. The training brought together over 30 young leaders from the all the three regions in Malawi and covered a period of 2 days from the 14th of December.

Following opening Remarks from MaSP Programmes Manager Linda Dembo, a presentation on Understanding COP was delivered by Evans Njerwa from the Environmental Affairs Department under the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources. Mr. Njerwa underlined the Climate change problem and its context explaining that human activity is the main driver of climate change. Stating that the use of fossil fuels, production of steel, cement, chemicals, food,; land clearing & deforestation; waste landfills & incineration,; heating & cooling our homes have played a major role in creating the problem. He was quick however to give solutions on combating the problem, chief among these being the need for reduction of emissions.

Other Presenters during the training included Rev Pilirani Jonasi who presented on biodiversity loss and climate change solutions, Tricia Manyengo who presented on climate change advocacy and Malango Mwasinga who presented on Safeguarding Issues.

The young leaders were lively throughout, firing questions at the presenters and commenting passionately on the issues raised. Speaking on youth involvement on climate change Mwaiwawo Chitsamba, applauded COP 26’s effort to now include young leaders as he lamented the youth previously not being given enough of a voice on such issues.

The training was concluded on the 15th   of December 2020 with final suggestions from the Youth on the projects upcoming activities for next year.

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