In honor of John McCracken, Society of Malawi launched his book essays of Politics, Christianity and Society Malawi, on 24 November at La Caverna in Blantyre.

The book depicts the history of Political and Christian lives of societies in Malawi.

The celebrated new book was edited by Kenneth R. Ross and Wapulumuka O Mulwafu with assistance from Prof Kings Phiri and Prof Klaus Feidler, Senior Consulting Editors. Speaking during launch one of the editors Kenneth R Ross highlighted that the book talks about the life of people in Malawi Societies as it depicts the Christianity, political life in Malawi.

One of the Highlights of the launch included Sandy Dudley of society of Malawi reading a message from John McCracken’s widow, who was happy that her late husband was honored for what he did, and that his works are available for others to read and use in their respective lives.

On 28 November the book will also be launched in Lilongwe Woodlands and people will have an opportunity to buy the book at a discounted price of 8000.

The event is being co-promoted by the Malawi Scotland Partnership and Scotland Malawi Partnership

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