Reach Out for Life Organization (ROFL) on 13th November donated clothes to children and elders of Machinga group village head Saliwa.

The donation was funded by well-wishers and it has reached 14 women and 2 children as they selected a few from the list of people who are less privileged under group village-head Saliwa.

ROFL Director Itcan Mpithi, express gratitude to the people that have donated the clothes, he said that they will continue with the initiative until they reach out to the less privileged list that the Village head selected in his village.

“This is a timely donation as it will help them to keep warm as we are approaching winter season” Mpithi said.

ROFL is appealing to other well-wishers to assist with this initiative, as many are in need of clothes and other assorted items; groceries, Stationary, dolls, among other necessities in their day to day of life.

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