School bursary coordinator for Beath, Mapanga and Njale Mr Peter Mchenga had school visits on 4th -5th November in Zomba at 4 schools, with an aim of learning how learners are doing at the school and appreciate how the school is copping up with covid19 pandemic challenges.

St Patricks, Mountain View school for the deaf, Malosa, Zomba Catholic Secondary Schools where uniquely chosen as some of the learners from Mapanga and Njale primary schools are now enrolled with the schools. It is through Beath that the students are on bursary in the secondary schools mentioned. Beath is assisting the students with transport money and groceries and also money to support feeding. 

Mchenga Said that in all the schools that were visited during this tour all schools are adhering to preventive measures that were put in place by the Government of Malawi as school were re-opening in September.

Some of the measures that were put in place include;  Both teachers and students should be putting on face masks, the school has to have hands washing facilities in all entry points, Classes have to been splinted into small number to maintain social distance.

It was also discovered during the visits that some of the students that have enrolled in secondary school there have fees that been paid for, while some have not yet paid and that they hope that the fees will be paid as the school progresses.

Mchenga was quick to say that there should be monitoring mechanism for learners whenever they are on holidays and also that the school bursary has to have clear policies for implementation, lobby and advocate for solar system of electricity as ESCOM electricity is expensive and it takes time to be maintained when a fault develops.

Some of the challenges that were noted during the visits are that; Mountain View School for the deaf has no electricity which resulted into problems of operations and communication. They also had to sensitize parents of three awardees not to leave everything in the hands of Beath, Mchenga lamented.

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