1. MASP shall ensure that All staff, project beneficiaries, stakeholders and volunteers are informed of coronavirus prevention measures
  2. MASP has effected a NO-HANDSHAKE policy with immediate effect at its national and regional offices, field activities, meetings, workshops, conferences etc.
  3. Coronavirus prevention IEC materials shall be displayed in all offices including CRCs and  places of meetings
  4. MASP shall place hand washing facilities in all offices for staff and visitors. Everyone (including staff and visitors) must ensure that they wash their hands before entering MASP office premises
  5. In the event of any suspected case of Coronavirus, staff will be sent back home for a reasonable number of days until such a time when the hospital has confirmed them coronavirus free.
  6. MASP has with immediate effect banned all staff from travelling to high risk countries as per Malawi Government and WHO listed countries.
  7. MASP has also with immediate effect banned all indoor activities for staff and beneficiaries until further notice.
  8. MASP staff must ensure that coronavirus prevention information and messages have been mainstreamed in all program activities.
  9. MASP shall also work closely with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in monitoring the situation and get updates on further actions to prevent the spread of the virus within Malawi.
  10. In the event that the situation goes out of hand, MASP management shall advise all staff and volunteers to operate from homes until such a time when fresh communication shall be sent to all staff to return to their offices and duty stations.


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